What is Vidapi

Vidapi is streaming player that can be easy imported trough our API or Wordpress plugins to any website


Latest movies and episodes will be added as soon as they are available online.


The player is responsive and can work on every Desktop, Mobile, Tablet without problem.

Fast Stream

Our player is using the fastest 3rd party file hosting services and the links will stay up with guarantee.


The video quality of the movies/episodes is the latest available and for the record 80% of the files are 1080p. The quality is auto-updated as soon as better version of the movie/episode is released.

Low Ads

The ads on the 3rd party file hosting services are set to minimum (0%) and we don't have permissions to fully turn them off.


Our team is here for you almost 24h a day to give you best support for any problem.

How many movies and episodes you have?
At this moment we have 44.327 Movies and 220.000 Episodes and each day more then 100 new are added to our database.
How can I integrate your player on my website ?
This is very easy, you can use our API or our plugins for WordPress integration.
Did your links get removed or stop working after some time ?
No, our links are always live and work forever, we have more than 3 sources for each file so users will never experience broken link.
Why you think that your player is better than other similar services?
Because this is true, our player stream in HD quality, doesn’t have dead links, and it’s connected with opensubtitles database so users can watch with subtitles with a single click on any language.
Can I use your player without ads?
Yes, we offer premium membership you can check out our prices.
Do you have support?
Yes, we have almost 24/7 support on skype / mail or telegram.

Price for premium plan 0 ADS.

If you want to use our player without ads this are our premium plans, 1 Play = more than 1 min of watch time per user.

1.000 Play's


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100.000 Plays


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You have more questions ?

Feel free to contact us anytime by :
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